We are your personal breastfeeding coaches!

At Modern Milk our goal is to make you feel confident and supported in your breastfeeding journey. From breastfeeding classes to our free “Happy Boob Group”, along with a variety of consultations to fit your needs, we’ve got you covered every step of the way! Not to mention our lactation consultations include unlimited phone and email followup for as long as you need - so you we are always there for you when you need it most. Consider us your “Personal Breastfeeding Coaches”!

Do I Need A Consult?

Breastfeeding can be challenging and many moms find that they could use a little help from a breastfeeding expert at some point during their journey!

A one-on-one, in-person consult is the perfect opportunity to get the help and advice needed to create a successful breastfeeding experience.

The sooner we can meet and observe a feeding the better! Many breastfeeding issues can be solved in just one session, and we want to get you on track and help you meet those breastfeeding goals as soon as possible!

Common issues that would benefit from a consult include:

  • Sore, cracked nipples or painful breastfeeding

  • Engorgement

  • Clogged ducts

  • Mastitis (if you suspect mastitis, please call your physician immediately)

  • Painful latching, difficulty latching or unsure if latch is correct

  • Baby with jaundice

  • Concern that baby is not getting enough

  • Baby that needs supplementation

  • Low milk supply or concerns about low milk supply

  • Slow weight gain

  • Previous breast surgery

  • Breastfeeding multiples

What Happens During A Consult?

Many breastfeeding challenges can be resolved in one visit and others can be more of a work in progress. Either way, we will work with you to create a breastfeeding plan that you feel comfortable with and will follow-up with you as frequently as you need. You will receive educational information as well as a customized summary of our visit via e-mail. And don’t worry, once you meet with us, we are always available to you for all of your follow up questions - via email and phone! We offer in-store, in-home, mini-consultations and phone consultations with our IBCLCs.

In-store Consultations
In-store lactation rooms are complete with a couch for dad and other family members! Our consultations typically last 1-1.5 hours allowing us time to talk and to evaluate a full feeding. We also have a hospital grade scale to tell us how much milk baby takes in during a feeding, which most moms find helpful and reassuring. In-store consultations can be booked online. Don’t see a time that works for you? Give us a call!

In-home Consultations
In-home Consultations are set up the same as an in-store consultation except within the comfort of your own home! We will bring along helpful supplies as well as a hospital grade scale. In-home consultations last 1-1.5 hours.

Mini Consultations
Mini Consultations are perfect for breastfeeding issues and concerns that don’t require us to observe a feeding session.

Common reasons for a mini consult include:

  • low supply/increasing supply

  • pumping help/flange fitting

  • clogged ducts

  • returning to work

  • weaning

  • prenatal consult

Mini Consults are in-store and last 30-60 min. Please call or email info@modernmilk.com to schedule!

Phone Consultations
Short on time? Can’t make it to the store? Phone consultations are the perfect way to get expert answers to your breastfeeding questions.

Common reasons for a phone consult include:

  • low supply/increasing supply

  • pumping help and questions

  • returning to work

  • weaning

Phone consults last 30 - 45 minutes. Please call or email info@modernmilk.com to schedule!

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Middle-of-the-night Support!

It's the middle of the night and you're struggling to breastfeed your little one. "This is supposed to be easy and natural?!"  Stay strong, Mama. Modern Milk is here to help.

We find that lots of our Moms find us late at night when they're googling for support, help, tips, tricks, and guidance. Although we can't come to your house right there and then- though we wish we could- we can make a plan to meet with you (in store or at your home!) the next day or the day after!

Feeling frantic? Email stephanie, at stephanie@modernmilk.com with "URGENT LACTATION APPT. NEEDED" in the subject line now. 

She'll personally receive your email first thing in the morning and our closest Modern Milk location will call you as soon as we open our doors in the morning. 

Not up for emailing?  Give us a call now and leave a voicemail or call us at 9 am Monday-Saturday.

Scottsdale: 480.999.1585 // Gilbert: 480.534.8192

We'll get you scheduled in no time. 

No mom should feel alone or helpless when it comes to Breastfeeding. Help is here. We'll get through this together, Mama. Namomste.